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Swollen Breasts, Acne, Dizziness, Frequent Urination

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Hi! I'm 21 and am 5 or 6 days late.
These are the symptoms I am experiencing:
*swollen breasts that are also a little tender. I have lost weight in the past few months, and this caused my breasts to significantly decrease in size (about a whole cup size). Within the past 2 days, my breasts have suddenly began fitting my bras again! Its weird, and a big change, and it makes me wonder..
*i also have been breaking out horribly in the past 3-4 days, and I never break out
*i've been pretty tired, its hard to wake up in the morning even after 8 hours of sleep and I find myself ready for bed by about 10 when I am accustomed to a fairly late night schedule because I am in the music business.
*also, I hear people say frequent urination but how frequent is frequent urination? Normally I usually pee about 2 or 3 times a day and now i'm peeing like 7 or 8. Would this be considered frequent? Though I pee more in the daytime now I don't have problems with being woken up in the night needing to urinate or anything.
*and the last thing I have been experiencing in about the last week is almost blacking out everytime I move from a sitting or laying position to a standing one. I only rarely get headrushes like that usually but now its happening all the time. Has anyone else experienced this really early on in their pregnancy?

So everyone, do you think I could be pregnant? My boyfriend and I have been trying for about 10 months. I've had a couple of times where i've been convinced I was pregnant and its never turned out to be so. At this point i've began thinking maybe I can't get pregnant, but could this be the month? I'd love to hear from everyone, I really need the feedback. Thanks! :)

oh and ps, I took a test a couple of days ago (when I was about 3 days late) and it was negative, and i'm making myself wait until 7/6 to take another one. Could I still be pregnant with a negative prego test even after my period was due?
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replied July 1st, 2006
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That's all pregnancy symptoms that i've experienced, however, I didn't experience a few of those until I was farther along. The symptoms didn't all come at once especially that early. I'd wait and test again.
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