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Undiagnosed Bilateral Swelling In the Arms

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I am a 31 year old male who has some odd symptoms that cannot be identified. The symptoms started with a sore forearm last tuesday. I went to sleep and wok at 2am with a 102 fever. The aches and swelling were in both my forearms and my biceps. After two days I went to my gp and she said it was bacterial and gave me amox clav. By then, my fever had reduced to 99.1 and aches continued and spread to my calves and my hips. I called my gp again on saturday and he sent me to the er. They ran a blood test to show I had a ck level in my blood 3x normal. They told me to drink plenty of water and to come back if my urine turned "tea like". Well, I did as they said and I never had tea like urine, but the aches have continued to spread.

The doctor ruled out rhabdomyolysis because my urine did not contain any blood. I am waiting on the blood tests back, but frankly this worries me. My sister said a friend at work had something similiar, but she didn't know what it was. Anyone heard of anything like this? Any cures?

The pain and swelling in my arm are visible from across the room. My arms are rigid, swollen and very weak. It feels like I have been lifting weights too much and my arms are full of lactic acid. It is very bizarre. Any thoughts would be helpful.

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