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Osteoarthritis of Lower Back, Knees, And Hip.

Hi all,

im 21 years old and 2 years ago I developed osteoarthritis which came up on a mri scan I had, about 6 months ago I seen an orthopedic and he done some xrays on me and told me that there was nothing wrong, but I know xrays dont show anything for me, mri does, hes trying to tell me its acute back pain, well cmon sometimes I cry with the pain I cant move, my back locks,

im seeing him again in 2 days time, can anyone advise me on what to say to him to get him to belive I really am serious and in alot of pain.
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replied June 26th, 2006
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Just try and explain to him hun,sorry dont really know,im having problems with a gp taking me serious at the moment and they dont seem to listen
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replied June 3rd, 2009
I am also having left hip and top of my left upper butt cheek pain. I also was diagnost with osteoarthritis. The pain is so bad I have a hard time walking sometimes. Do you think the pain in my left upper butt cheek could be something more serious?
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replied May 16th, 2011
sd43601 It might be Sciatica?

TheWelshScott If it showed up on the MRI.. I would think that is the best diagnosis to take. You can ask for the MRI, once more as you are feeling uncomfortable with this Dr's idea,s or maybe mention you would like a Second Opinion? I do not know your insurance status and if this would work for you but it might be best as you need to feel comfortable with your Dr and what he/she is saying.Of course once you "see" results you must believe it

I have many things wrong, and Arthritis of hips, back, knees, and feet and much more. I even had a Dr tell me I did not have Arthritis and knew I did as used to have to have Cortisone shots from the Orthopedic so I asked him to please give me an X-ray and he still had trouble admitting it but had to... And i needed him to be on the same "page" or I would be in trouble in the future.
I find that often I can sense things and my Dr said I might be "intuitive?"Well maybe for myself, and yet have for others too upon seeing them. So odd. I find out late what I saw in their face was true later as diagnosis. I never tell anyone though what I see.( I can always be wrong, we never can tell with things like this of course)
Sometimes I can have trouble though like about my feet being red, white patches and sore and really bad. Cannot understand totally, and am upset over it. Maybe Arthritis, or maybe Athletes feet ( but do not think the latter now just at first) or I just am confused for some reason? No one knows so it seems.. It drives me crazy and hurts to walk on my feet! Something new to think about now.
Important to have your Dr understand you and listen to you, and feel comfortable with your Dr. I will tell you one more example of how a Dr and patient relationship can be. I have more pain in Right knee so was absolutely sure that it was worse, and upon X-rays ( So this myself) The Left one is bone on bone .. much worse .. I must put weight on the right one or something. ? They BOTH have it though But one side of brain sends message to other side I guess? Anyway whatever it was, if I did not SEE it with my own eyes, I would have though they confused my legs.. But they did not! So I am not always right. When I am not though it shocks me, and keeps me very humble as then I never forget those mistakes. *Seeing is believing* I find.

Maybe let your Dr SHOW you the results and talk to you about it?? Then no mistakes will come about and you should g et questions answered maybe? Write down any questions ahead if you can .
Hope this helps for what it is worth.
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