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Im so emotional. And its so early in my pregnancy. But I have like no one here for me who understands what im going through. And my boyfriend gets really stressed out when I get stressed out about it and he completely blocked me out today. And now ive been alone all day long thinking about this pregnancy and its tearing me apart when im supposed to be happy!
Especially because I just watched "riding in cars with boys" and the dad was such a screw up!
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replied June 24th, 2006
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I am the same way too. I have had serious problems controling my anger and controling my emotions, especially with my boyfriend. And it has caused serious problems. Its also not good to be so stressed out all the time for the baby! So I just think you need to remember to no matter what the situation is.. Always take a step back and remember you and him have the baby.. And you are chock full of harmones.. And you need to think about things a little bit more now before you act or say something because your all prego and looney. Lol. I am 17 weeks and it has been a problem now for like a month and a half.. I think I might go talk to a dr about pregnancy depression. Maybe you should do the same.
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