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Hair Loss/breakage From Semi-permanent Hair Dye?


i am a twenty one year old male and in march of this year I dyed my hair using a semi-permanent hair dye that was suppost to wash out after 28 washes. The coloring was fine and I had no irritation whatsoever on my scalp. About two weeks after dying my hair, I noticed hair falling out at the root and breaking off in the shower. It is now mid june and a good portion of the hair dye is still in my hair and I am still experiencing consistent hair loss and breakage. I have also noticed varying scalp irritation and redness, although it is not a common occurance. It seems to pop up at random. I consulted a family physician who looked at my scalp very quickly and said nothing is wrong and suggested that it may be hereditary. If this were any other type of situation I may have agreed seeing as how my father is bald. However, I have never seen anyone with male pattern baldness have such rapid hairloss coupled in with the fact that I personally have never experienced any type of hair loss until I dyed my hair which leads me to believe otherwise. Not to mention the fact that the coloring is still very much in my hair (even though it was suppost to wash out after 28 washes--doesn't seem semi-permanent to me). I have done a lot of research on hair loss and am wondering if there is any correlation to semi-permanent hair dye causing hair loss or throwing my hair into an increased stage of telogen effluvium. What about some type of scalp dermatitis or psoriasis(sp?) any other information that you can clue me in as it relates to sudden hair loss or general suggestions would be great as well. Thanks.
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replied March 13th, 2007
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No Worries.
Some people's hair is too sensitive to dying to be able to be dyed.
Even with semi-permanent hair dye.

Sometimes the dye'll stay with the hair a bit longer.

I dyed my hair black last year and the first few months of this year it looked terrible.

I've let it wash out and now the areas that looked thin have pretty much grown back to what they were before I dyed it.

the hair near my sideburns is still tainted with a bit of black and is still pretty thin.

eventually the rest of the dye will come out of your hair and it'll grow back thicker.

No worries, man.
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