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Digestive Enzymes And Hypoglycemia

I've started to take digestives enzymes to help me with eating more often to fight hypoglycemia. I have functional dyspepsia so eating protein/fat too often can hurt my stomach a lot, so I figured those enzymes would help.

Here is the formula:

digest plus, by genestra

each tablet contains betaine hydrochloride.......162.5 mg
glutamic acid.......162.5 mg
pancreatin 6x conc........65 mg
provides the equivalent of 390 mg
papain (papaya).......65 mg
pepsin.......25 mg
protease activity.......390000 usp
amylase activity.......6500 usp
lipase activity.......520 us

i wonder if those enzymes are good for hypoglycemic person, as they may break complex carbs and proteins and fats molecules faster, hence maybe elevate blood sugar level faster? In other words: if I follow a strict hypoglycemic diet, would those enzymes actually damage or even ruin all the efforts I make by digesting too fast food that meant to be slowly digested?
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replied June 21st, 2006
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I can't comment on this product since their are items there I have never even heard of.
Did someone recommend this product for you?
Perhaps you should stick to simpler items. Papaya enzyme is good for digestion as is acidopholous.

P.S. You're anxiety is talking again. ;) you bought this product but you're concerned about taking it. (remember, i've been there, done that :).
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replied June 21st, 2006
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I'm not sure either. The calcium/magnesium/zinc tabs I take have a digestive enzyme in them that's obvious okay, it's the second one on that list there. With something like this you'll know pretty much immediately if you should be avoiding it. I've heard the best way to test is wait until you have discomfort, and then take some apple cider vinegar to see if it relieves it. If so, you need to increase hydrochloric acid or possibly digestive enzymes. I would try that first since it won't hurt you, mix it with some water to cut the harshness of it. I've done this before and know a guy who takes a tablespoon with every meal because he said it helped to cure him faster.
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