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Undissolved Dissolvable Stitch Caused Two Years of Infection

i have just been discharged from hospital for the fourth time in two years.
I had a triple pelvic osteotomy in april 2004, which had it's problems, but ultimately fixed what it was meant to fix.
But I have been plagued with infections ever since and despite antibiotics I have had a debridement three times, which causes alot of pain, inconvenience and delays me from college and life etc.
This time however the surgeon found a stitch right at the bottom of the sinus, which is probably the offending article!
But I am concerned , surely it would have been a dissolvable stitch, why didn't it dissolve?
My friends are always telling me to sue, but I am not interested in that and I love my surgeon, who has tried so hard to get me back on my feet . I just want to know who is to blame or is it just one of those things.
If it is the stitch manufacturer's fault or the surgeon, or mine or nobodys...

Any thoughts or advice is most welcome,
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First Helper celticwoman

replied January 21st, 2011
Dissolving or regular stitch stuck under skin of suture line
I have had recurring little white pieces of "dissolving stitches" working their way out up to 3 and 4 years later. They never hurt when I can get them with tweezers to pull out, but still surprise me. PS says it's my body's reaction.

Different surgery, 3 months ago for stomach surgery, had infection along suture line. Now I have a sharp, hard stitch just under skin that hurts.. Doctor said it's dissolvable but I don't quite believe it. One he did reluctantly remove earlier was black thread, not white, and hurt when he cut and pulled it out. This is the only stitch that's ever hurt, but it's embedded I'd guess 1/2 inch or so under abdominal scar. Seems to be attached to something that pulls and hurts now and then. Aside from putting up with it, I'd guess the only other option is to have it surgically removed. Anyone have any suggestions?
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replied January 21st, 2011
Celtic Woman, I've also had debridement three times, different areas (ALL is most unpleasant). Maybe ask doctor to freeze area first, it really does help, even if freezing might seem worse than debridement, freezing really does help. Stitches working out aren't "suing" offences, I don't think: can be a reaction to the suture material, or "just your body". So I've been told by more than one doctor, including GPs who have no stake in the surgery. Hope this helps.
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