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Fingers Temporally Frozen In Place

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I am a 24 year old male that works in the steel industry and was recently in the army for 3 years. The concern that I have is : in the morning when I wake up, my middle and ring finger on my right hand is frozen stiff in a claw like fashion. If I don't "pop" them open, which is quite painful and makes a noise, they will stay like that for hours. Even when I do "pop" them open, they will re-freeze a few times, then be "sticky" for awhile thereafter. Aventually, they do free up and act normal. Could someone please help me out with this??!!

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replied February 11th, 2004
Fingers Temporarily Frozen
Hi jason,

i've been a rheumatoid arthritis sufferer for 13 years, so I know a lot about joint problems. You mentioned your fingers being 'frozen in a claw like fashion' it could be anything. You need to get medical help right away in order to get some answers you should go to a rheumatologist who will test your blood and take xrays. If you are in the early stages of arthritis or some other problem you have better chances of controlling the earlier you start treatment. For my disease i've controlled it for 13 years because I was diagnosed early and started on an aggressive drug therapy. Good luck.
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