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Is An Epidural Injection Painful?

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Hello. I am 18 years old and am unfortunate enough to have a very severe l4-l5 disc hurniation. Before considering surgery, I am hoping to have luck with a combination of physical therapy and an epidural injection.

My orthapedic surgeon told me he could not do a pain injection in this particular area. I was sent to a pain management certified anesthesiologist. He usually does these injections in his office procedure room, without sedation. It has a fluroscope setup. However, he said my injury is very deep. It will require some sedation, and to be done, by him, in a one-day surgery center.

I have researched this procedure and found information about the nature of the procedure, as well as potential pain after the procedure. However, I cannot find much discussion as to pain during the procedure. I will openly admit, plain and simple, I am afraid of what the pain may be like during the procedure.

Has anyone ever had a lumbar epidural injection with some sedation? If so, I would be endlessly thankful for an honest description of any pain or discomfort you may have felt during the procedure.

Thank you, andrew.
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replied June 21st, 2006
My first injection is scheduled for two days from today. I am still worried about the pain during the procedure. Please, if anyone can write back before then, I would greatly appreciate it. I will check back frequently.

Thank you, andrew
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replied June 22nd, 2006
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As long as you are properly sedated, you will not even know they did the procedure. You will be rolled into the room on a gurney and the anesthesia nurse will put some versed into your iv line and you will slowly drift off and in about 10 minutes the procedure will be over, you will be in the recovery room and probably within an hour be on your way home to rest for the remainder of the day.

I would not get your hopes too high for the esi to work but if it does, this procedure will have to be repeted at least 2 more time within 2 weeks of each other and then quarterly or semi-annually from there after until either you no longer have pain or need surgery.

Good luck and check out www.Spineuniverse.Com for more info about your condition and also the precedure you will be going through.
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