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Throwing Up Pill, Need Help Quick!

I am on my 6th package of pills since I went on the pill. I was at a party two nights ago (june 16) and I take my pill at 10:30 p.M. Everyday. The brand is alesse, just saying incase anyone needs to know in order to answer my question.

I got drunk at the party and I think I threw up my pill an hour to an hour 1/2 from taking it. So I probably threw up at midnight or so. I thought at the time, it wouldn't be that big of a deal, i'll just take my next pill on time.

So the next day (june 17), me and my boyfriend had sex and he came inside of me. This was at about 10 p.M., so he came about half an hour before I took my next pill. What are the chances that this would make me pregnant? How long does the pill need to be inside me before it's safe to throw up? Any information would be greatly appreciated, because now it's june 18th and i'm worrying.
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replied June 28th, 2006
Well, you don't want to ever throw up your pill. A good way to judge how much risk you are in (and this is not to condone missing a pill) is to count what day you are of your cycle. Most women are their most fertile on 3 days around day 11 to 14. It will be different for every woman and every month. Now, not taking _a_ pill will not put you in serious danger. Miss another one and it becomes a much greater issue. By 1-2 hrs the pill should have been mildly digested, but not fully.

I would just recommend that you put in a condom policy for when you miss a pill. If he says it does not feel as good tell him that a baby's head hurts you worse coming out. Should stop any complaining.

Most of all; be safe.
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