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Ms, Diabetic,osteoarthritis And Sleep Apnea

I have recently been dianosed with ms, I have had sleep apnea for 10 yrs. Use a cpap machine,osteoarthritis for at least 15 yrs, diabetic for 8yrs. (pill controlled),
i have an under active thyroid, on eltroxin. Also a bulging disc in the 2nd vertabrae in my neck which is pushing on my spinal cord. I am 45 yrs. Old, female and I have been a chef for 20 yrs. And finally no longer can keep up with the pace. Trying to get my pension but not sure if my doctor will say that with all my ailments that my life span could be shorten. He still thinks I can work. Has anyone had this problem and do I have a good reason to request my pension.. To help with my family debt load and medical bills.
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replied January 14th, 2004
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Why don't you get a second opinion. I have osteoarthritis, ms, carpal tunnel syndrome and hashimoto's thyroiditis. I am on permanent disability. I am 54. Try talking to a lawyer that deals with disability insurance. They may have some suggestions. Good luck.
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