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Nursing Bras....what Kind Are Best?

Ok....I have packed my bag for the hospital just in case I go early or if not it will be ready for someone to grab when the day comes.

I have everything I need but I was thinking that I still need nursing bras. I did get a tank top for nursing but I still need some bras so how do I shop for them?

I have gone from an 'a' cup to a 'c' cup since ive been preggers....So now how do I find a bra that will fit after my milk comes in. My breasts itch and hurt right now all the time I keep having to itch them and adjust them to make them feel comfortable....Do ya'll think that I am going to go to a "d' cup before she gets here? Omg that will be hell.

Anyhow back to my first question, how do I shop for nursing bra's?
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replied June 14th, 2006
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I like the snap ones they work great.. Alot of places will fit you in one and will tell you what are good there so many kids I dont really care of the kind as long as they work.. Good luck on baby and I wish you the best..

Mary 24w5d w#4 boy
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