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Red Marine Algae For Hiv

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Algae for hiv: blue, green or red marine algae?

Algae are primitive organisms that contain chlorophyll and carry on photosynthesis but lack true roots, stems, and leaves. Blue green algae (bga) is commonly referred to as cyanobacteria. Proponents of algae supplementation say it has the ability to prevent disease, enhance, and prolong life. Some users believe algae strengthens the immune system.

The color of algae is related to the spectrum of light available to the plants for photosynthesis. The bga and green algae include most of the freshwater forms, like pond scum, which is a green slime found in stagnant water. Red marine algae, referred to as 'superfood', is noted to be a source of nutrients and botanically based medicines.

It's said that each algae's variety exhibits a distinct nutrient profile. Many people believe seaweed is useful for lowering blood levels of fat and cholesterol. Seaweed has been used in food processing and as a food staple for decades. Commercial agar is obtained from a red alga.

Algae proponents claim a compound found in bge has anti- hiv activity. It's not known whether this activity would be available from oral consumption of the algae. Investigators robinson, montefiori and mitchell found ptilota plumosa (red marine algae) failed to alter the infectibility of hiv.

Spirulina is marketed for weight loss, diabetes, hypoglycemia, degenerative conditions, malnutrition, and alcoholism. Wild bga is said to treat addictions. Red algae is marketed to treat candida, herpes simplex virus and other chronic ailments. Researchers report sea algae extract selectively inhibits hiv reverse transcriptase (rt) and replication in the test tube.

[utl=http://www.Starherb.Com/productdetail .Asp?Pid=20069]red marine algae[/url] (rma) purportedly supports the immune system to fight viruses. Investigations found 10 members of rhodophyta contained substances that caused greater than a 2 log reduction in the infectivity of herpes simplex virus.

Dumontiaceae is marketed as an immuno-modulatory and antiviral agent. Algae proponents stress that individuals with chronic conditions will gain more value from the red marine algae, which is said to strengthen the immune system .
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