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Symtpoms of Paralysis After Lifting Injury

About a month ago I was doing a shoulder press, and mid lift for some reason I turned my head to the right, big no no. Instantly I felt a twinge in my body, like someone played all my nerves like a bass guitar, then instantly I had a burning sensation in the back right side of the tongue, followed by lightheadedness. This lasted for 5 seconds about, and then went away. The following week my left arm, was just feeling pretty week. Then a week later I was driving and out of no where, I was chewing some gum and driving, and my throat got dry, I felt a cold/nauseating wave over my entire body, had to pull over, rapid heart rate, just crazy and scary, lasted for about 30 mins. Next day I started getting some tingling sensations in my hands and feet. This continued for the next week and ussually happend right as I was about to fall asleep. The second I was about to fall into a sleep a part of my body would feel like it was going into paralysis, and I woudl have to shake it and make sure it still worked. Had a few werid tingling sensations in face, no dominant side. I'm starting now after a month to probably be having horrible anxiety attacks that make me feel like i"m dying, but my nervous system is so messed up I don't know what to do. I don't really have neck or back pain just one day I did on my spine up to my brain. I went to the movies which I love to do, bit 30 mins in I start having these problems, can't swallow hard to breathe, makes no sense, it is like my brain can not handle the emotion of the movies, like I get scared, or worried. I usually drink beer to calm the symptoms and am seeing a nerologist tomorrow. But these things are coming out of nowehre, I can't work, I can't get to into conversations or my head feels werid, and my hands may ge ta little numb, then i'm tired. Unless I drink alot, then it doesn't happen. So now i'm having very minor facial twitching, and hands sometimes twitch. It seems to be getting worse, but I can't tell if it is just anxiety, or actuality. I know I really feel the symptoms though. I haven't worked out in 1 month, and I can't work, driving to me is some how scary now, it is messing my life up pretty bad. Yesterday was the worst symptoms I have ever had. Please give any advice, thanks for taking the time to read this.

Tristan 22 male Sad
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