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Alien Living In My Tummy?

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Please help me! I have a weird lump appear and disappear in my stomach a couple inches above my belly button. You can actually see and feel it going up and down. It reminds me of when I was pregnant with my son, he would press his foot or fist up against my stomach and we could see it protruding from my belly. I am 5’5” and 115 lbs. I thought maybe it was because I am so thin, that maybe I was watching my intestines contract. Then I thought “oh no, do I have a worm growing inside my stomach?” I had my stool sampled, but nothing was found. I have questioned my doctors about it, but they have no idea what I am trying to describe. Please help!
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replied June 22nd, 2006
Its very possible that you are watching gas move through your intestines, or waste material. I know that having children rearranges your intestines. After my first baby, I thin I got a small kink in my intestines and it would hurt when gas was trying to flow through it. I couldn't wait to have another baby in hopes that things would get rearranged again. They did! You probably have a weird kink or something.
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replied August 28th, 2009
I HOPE THIS HELPS THE FOCUS ON THIS ISSUE: I found these comments at another site.

How to get weight off after hysterectomy
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In response to the other woman's dilemma about weight gain after hysterectomy, I too had a hysterectomy 2 years ago at age 40. I had large fibroids, soaking periods, was anemic, cold all the time, and incontinent from the pressure on my bladder. My uterus was also prolapsed. I was not menopausal and I have my ovaries which are functioning normally.
I too, have gained 20 pounds since surgery. I exercise, eat light, and do strength training and have not been able to lose this weight. I've had my hormone levels checked including thyroid function; every thing is normal. Is weight gain normal after hysterectomy even with the ovaries left intact?
Yes. Many women put on weight even though the ovaries are left intact. Most lose the weight, some do not. Just as after pregnancy some women don't lose what they gained. There's no known metabolic reason I know of other than the decreased activity that follows surgery for several months.

Has our metabolism permanently slowed down?
I don't think so but activity, calorie expenditure is usually decreased.

Is this normal and what can we do about it?
There has to be permanent change in eating habits (less calorie intake) or increased exercise levels or both. I wish I knew a secret to do this!

How much dieting and exercising will bring about weight loss?
Each pound of fat permanently lost is 3500-4000 cal. Daily fluid shifts can be several pounds one way or the other. So you MAY have to be over 20000 calories in deficit to see a change on the scale. That gets discouraging for many and the exercise is skipped or the calories don't get as restricted as much as they were. If you can decrease calories by 300 per day (no snacks or splurges allowed) and increase activity by 200 calories per day, You should not only quit gaining weight, but also lose weight. Remember this is permanent change and you may only lose about a pound or 2 a MONTH!

I ride my bike nearly 12 miles 6 days/week and walk 6 miles 6 days/week. Is there something else we can do?
That sounds like alot. Sometimes when you start a very vigorous exercise program there is some weight gain due to increased muscle mass. It negates calorie restriction and takes awhile before there is a net, continuous weight loss. Exercise also stimulates appetite so you need to be careful. If you keep it up and eliminate the even occasional calorie splurges, YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT.

Thank you, for your quick response! I have hope that I can lose weight (I have lost a pound since last week!) even if it takes a while. By the way, should I eliminate the strength training just for the summer? All it does is give me bigger muscles (my shirt sleeves are tight and I've had to buy larger dress sizes), and greatly increase my appetite.
Yes, if weight loss is your primary goal. If muscle fitness or strength is the goal, no. Remember, keep up the aerobics for the calorie expenditure.

Also, should I be worried about my weight? I am 5'4" and weigh 162 lbs and am in very good health. I always weighed 142 lbs since college until 2 years ago. My doctor isn't worried; she says I have good muscle mass.
Ideal body weight formula for women is 100 + (4x(height_in_inches minus 60)). For you that is 100 + (4 x (64 - 60)) = 116. Very few women or men weigh their ideal weight so there is a range around that that is "normal". Your body mass index is 27 (average is 25). If you were at mass of 28, that would warrant medical concern. Basically, the tables say you are overweight (weight of 140 would get you out of that category) but not obese and not at medical risk for weight related diseases. That's probably why your doctor was not concerned.

But I feel fat mostly in my stomach area since the hysterectomy. Thanks again for your help.
This is common after hysterectomy. Be sure to include abdominal muscle exercises in your program.
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