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Too Many Back Problems. No Answers.


I have a herniated disc l4, spondylolisthesis grade one l5, spondylosis and forminal stenosis s1 and degenerative changes l4 through s1.

I have constant pain. My doctor doesn't seem to know what to do with me. My orthopaedic surgeon said I just need to do physio exercises everyday. That was december.

I have since been to a chiropractor and my back is 1000 times worse than it was before. I have since ceased care with the chiro. I can't sit for longer than an hour. Back and leg pain hit within five minutes when I stand. It doesn't take much to flare up my sciatic. When the sciatic flares it lasts for days. Walking and bending causes coldness in my back and leg. I have also had some bouts with urinary retention which thankfully comes and goes. Bowel movements cause extreme lower back pain.

I have been doing my physio exercises and riding on a stationary exercise bike. Doesn't seem to help much at all. I also have been scheduled for an appointment to get epidural steriod injections. But that isn't until october.

I don't know what to do? Anybody have any suggestions?

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replied June 14th, 2006
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Do you have any x-rays from your pelvis?
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