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Wuts Up With This Guys

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I am having troubles giving my girl a orgasm. I never had this problem with any of my other girls before, infact I had nothing but compliments. But with this girl I feel like I can't perform at all, she is doing nothing but bringing my confidence down. My penis size is 7inches so that is above average. I am her first and she has never ever touched her self before she says, she tells me that I give her these water gushing feelings and it will happen several times during intercourse but no orgasm. We make love for about 40 minutes on average but still no orgasm, what is going on? What can I do?
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replied June 9th, 2006
Also I wanted to add she tells me that shes going to pee at points during we make love, and she'll get up and go and pee. Or if she don't get up and pee she holds it in, I tell her not to hold it in but she goes its pee and shes certain because every time she does end up peeing in the end.
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replied June 11th, 2006
First off, water gushing feeling is very close to an orgasm. If you're looking for the girl to cum, very few actually ejaculate.

Second, if she doesn't know how to satisfy herself, how are you expected to know how to satisfy her?

Third, all females are different. Just because you had luck with the first 2 3 4 7, 12, whatever, doesn't mean you canmake them all happy. I'd suggest a mixture of oral, penile and hand-stimulation.

Fourth, she may be emotionally or mentally inhibited (if she's shy or self-conscious). The only thing you can do as her partner is tell her how gorgeous she is, how hot she makes you, etc. Etc. Etc. You'd be amazed at how well these little words work on a woman

i'd recommend a nice vibrator for the girl so she can learn how to stimulate herself. Maybe you two can play together. But keep the above in mind; all girls are different, she may be inhibited, and if she doesnt know how to make herself feel good, she can't expect you to.

Good night and good luck!
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