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I had anxiety for about a year before I was offically diagnosed and put on xanax .25mg 3 times a day. I slowly learnt about anxiety and how to deal with it etc and got myself medication free!
3 weeks ago it all started coming back again. I assessed my life to see what changes I have made etc and there are none - well that I can see. I have been backwards and forward to the doctor and today I have a blood pressure monitor on to check my bp cause it was up when I went to him last time. I am lucky because the doctor I go to is right behind my work so 2 days ago when I was feeling very unwell and like I was going to pass out I got into him and he checked me over. That is when he check my bp.
He is a new doctor to me and apparently the best and most thorough in my town. He is going to reassess me file and see what else he can check.

I have just had gastro and a head and chest cold so this might have made my anxiety peek, plus my daughter has been sick with it to. But this can't have caused it to come back so badly could it???
My neck, shoulder and stomach muscles seem tied in knots and I feel brethless mainly in the morning. I am back on my xanax 2 a day - they are not working as well as they use to though.
Any ideas or advice would be appreciated
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replied July 26th, 2006
Hey bek....Here's my thougts on this...And they are only thoughts as I am not a doctor...Just someone who suffers from anxiety. My anxiety comes about because I am a bit of a hypochondriac. Basically I get nervous in situations where I think I might be sick...Or others are sick around me that might get me sick...And I won't be at home in my own bed, bathroom, etc.

Perhaps since you were just sick, and other family members were sick...You were nervous about the whole situation causing all of the nervousness to turn into anxiety. After I am in a situation like this...Sometimes I think that I am sicker feeling than I actually am....And the mind does a great job convincing me of this! Lol!

Try getting more comfortable with getting sick...I know it sounds stupid...But getting sick really isn't that big of a deal! I used to have ibs so basically I sometimes really needed to go to the bathroom, and this caused me to get nervous on long car rides when bathrooms weren't close by...Thus causing my anxiety.

This doesn't mean you are a hypochondriac...Just that you are worried about being sick...Or your family getting sick....Or you are afraid of catching something.

After a particualrity nasty bout of food posioning...I made it through just fine, and I can deal with my panic attacks and axiety much better!

I hope this might help a little.

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replied July 26th, 2006
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Thanks for responding claire.

I think that you are very right. I am so consumed with passing out or getting sick etc that I bring on attacks.

My moto of late has been to take it as it comes. I have sort of said to myself " if you are going to have a heart attack and die then worrying isn't going to help"

it is hard at the time when you are in the middle of a full blown attack, but I am trying.

Have you been to any counselling etc? Work had a employee assistance programme that can be utalised if required for free. So you can book into see a qualified physicologist for as many visits as you want. I haverung them and I am just waiting on a call back with an appointment time and date.

Worth a shot hey?
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