Hey all,

although I am not diagnosed with hypoglycemia (though both my dad and sister are type 1 diabetic), I have the classic symptoms of hypoglycemia.

I am curious if any of you feel as though controlling the effects of the condition affects your life, and in particular, your job? I find that whereas other people are anxious to take lunches because they are simply hungry, I need to be able to eat simply because the headache, fatigue, dizziness, clamminess, etc. Prohibits me from being as effective as possible at work.

How do you cope with the lack of flexibility this presents in planning meals especially in regards to work and social functions?

Any tips and/ or support would be greatly appreciated! It seems as though no one understands it's not just hunger...

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replied June 7th, 2006
Re: Affect Your Work?
I am a 15 year old hypoglycemic. I found out I was hypoglycemic in oct 2006. It has affected my school work. I have to eat breakfast and a snack before lunch everyday or I will start shaking/be light-headed/feel off balance/have headaches/and for some reason nose bleeds. They only occur when my blood sugar is low and I am shaking. That is not a symptom so it's probably sometimes else. I was tested for diabetes first, it came out negative. I took a 5 hour glucose tolerance test and my blood sugar went from 95 to 49 in the first 2 hours. They say if you blood sugar is below 50 after 5 hours then your a hypoglycemic. Mine was below 50 in the first 2 hours.

Anyways, you need to let someone know about your condition and if you feel light headed find someone to stay with you and get something to eat. I ate peanut butter crackers at school because that was the only healthy thing in all of the vending machines at school. They only had chocolate and chips. Patatoes turn to sugar very quickly so it is best to eat something more complex so it will last longer. I would keep some food that will boost your blood sugar in a safe place. Be sure to eat good meals. Eat a good lunch. Maybe keep something in your pocket and eat it as you feel it's needed.

It is very hard to consentrate and do work in school or on the job when you blood sugar drops dangerously low. At the school I am going to when school starts back we don't get to eat snacks. Legally they have to let me eat one :p. I'll figure it all out.

My symptoms:

3.Feeling of balance.

4.Shaking starts out with my jaw shaking violently.

5.Followed by legs and arms
6.Then the rest of my body, even places I can't normally move. :?
7.Tunnel-vision (goes completely black for about 3 seconds)


1.Eat healthy foods.

------------------------------------------ -
my dad is a hypoglycemic but barely one.

I didn't eat last summer cause my mom wouldn't buy ay food. She kept saying eat a sandwhich. I would only eat supper. If I didn't like what they would eat I would go without. That's how it all started............

Moms, feed your kids good healthy food. I always ask to get healthy cool cheap food but parents don't like to do anything different. Don't be stuburn, you can get plenty of healthy foods at a low cost.

Feed the children!

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replied June 8th, 2006
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Erin: I prepare my breakfast, lunch and snacks at home and bring them to the office. We have a refrigerator at the office and I keep my food there. I made it clear to my boss that when I need to eat, I cannot do "just one more thing". He deals with it. Following the diet at work is easier than in social settings, imo. When i'm at a restaurant I try to pick natural foods - like grilled chicken or fish - a garden salad with oil and vinegar, grilled or steamed vegetables, etc. Also, I keep a small zip lock bag of almonds in my purse in the event I can't eat on time, for whatever reason.

Bd: I was 17 when I was first diagnosed, now i'm twice your age. (you can do the math, if you like :) sounds like your handling it pretty well. It's a shame your only healthy choice in the school vending machine were peanut butter crackers. Maybe you can try to get healthier choices by talking to the principal or the school's dietician. (it would be a good story for your college applications - it shows leadership).
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replied June 8th, 2006
what do you mean by "i didn't eat last summer cause my mom wouldn't buy ay food. She kept saying eat a sandwhich. I would only eat supper.". I find that rather disturbing. One of the many reponsibilities of a parent is feeding their children properly. Is it because your parents can't afford it?
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replied June 8th, 2006
Parents And Eating In School...
Thats an interesting thing with your parents saying that about eating and you not I should say... I had something simliar when I was your age too then-

I am happy though that your teachers let you eat. Mine always thought it was some excuse, telling me there was "no such thing" as I had hypoglycemia then..Except my art teacher was really nice, she even bought me sunflower seeds since I carried them with me and ate them all the time-for my birthday they poured them in the middle of an apple with a candle since I couldn't have cake! It was cute :]

I do remember my parents back then since I ate so much all the time complained constantly that I was costing them too much money..It was stupid.. I was only 96lbs and eating healthly as they did..But I was eating so often- my dad always said go eat cake or sandwich despite my explanations always..He never got it then.. Until karma had it and now he's borderline type 2 and understands all this today like 12 years later.
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