I am 14 weeks pregnant. At my last doctor visit he said my thyroid was a bit enlarged and ordered bloodwork. I just talked to my doctor and he said my thyroid level is a bit high (hyperthyroid). He does not want to treat me for fear that I will switch to hypothyroidism. He just told me to be aware of my heart rate (i.E. Palpatations) my doc seems really laid back about it but i'm wondering if he is just acting cool about it so I won't stress out. I have read really bad things about it. Should I be worried? Is there any self help measures I can take?
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replied July 1st, 2010
hi .. did u hear a reply on this or do you know what was right thing to do.
i posted a question on this and hoping to get some help..

hi,this questions is for my wife. she is around 5 weeks pregnant. she had very mild hypothyroid (TSH between 3 to4) before pregnancy and she was suggested to take 112 mcg synthroid. we just got her thyroid levels checked and seems like she has an overdose of this medication. her TSH has dropped below 0.02.

would you know what adverse affect this overdose could have on baby?
appreciate any help you could give.
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