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Shortness of Breath

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Hi I went to the doctor about 3 months ago for shortness of breath. She did a chest xray which was normal, ecg normal, blood pressure high. She said the shortness of breath was due to anxiety. She put me on meds for that and blood pressure. Well still 3 months later I still have the shortness of breath. With no exerise, I can just be sitting down, does that still sound like anxiety. I asked her about lung cancer cause I used to smoke for 13 years. I am now 29. She said no it would of showed up in the xray and blood work. Does anyone know if this true?
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replied February 18th, 2009
shortness of breath
heloo, latly iv been feeling very ill, iv been to the doctors for a blood test and it was all clean except for a thyroid that appears to be a little overactive,,however iv been feeling shortness of breath heart racing very fast to the extreme wher i feel like im dying and i start trembling,,iv been to emergency 4 times and the docotors would just send me home saying that theres nothing wrong with me,, but i really needed some sort of medicine so the doctor had a listen to my symtpoms and he said that i have anxiety and he prescribed me some ablets called kalma which i must say helped me but i dont want to be an addict so i try avoiding it iv only had it once...the doctor asked me if i was stressd or is anything bothering me,, im not stressed but im getting married in 3 months however im worried im going to feel like this after i get married i cant have children if im on tablets,,??? i need help ? any ideas for my symptoms?? expecially for shortness of breath and dizzy spells head feeling heavy..???
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