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I think I may be suffering from post partum depression. I am 21 years old and just had a baby 4 months ago. I feel hopeless. I love my child more than anything in the whole world ever but I cant seem to focus and I dread everyday tasks. Not to mention my boyfriend and the father of my baby, lets call him "bryan" just doesnt seem to understand me. We rushed into things much to soon and i'm so hurt by something he's done to me.

This last weekend he was talking online w/his friends "matt" and "catie" and got this wonderful idea to ask "catie" for a picture of her nude. He told me about this the next day but failed to mention until three days later that he masturbated to this picture. I'm so hurt. I consider this cheating. I deleted her from his msn messenger, I deleted her from his myspace I even wrote her an email and asked her to stay away from him. Suprisingly it wasnt even horribly mean.

I wanted to call her horrible names. I just couldnt, and still cant, seem to realize his thought process. He says he knew it was wrong. If thats so why did he proceed to masturbate to the picture instead of deleting it? I dont know what to do. I dont want to leave him, I dont want to stay. Please help me. Any advise will do. I'm seriously hurt by this and it's not like I never said anything about cheating before. I was very stern and repetitiously advised him of my zero tolerence towards that behavior. We have a baby but i'm finding myself very unwilling to compromise. I'm so hurt.
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replied June 9th, 2006
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Thats a toughie! How horriable for him to do something like that at a time like this. Alot of women go through the post partum depression which could be your case. Try keeping a journal so you can see what upsets you and devote alot of time to your new baby and maybe working out. This could help you feel better about yourself and if your boyfriend is looking on the internet to find someone I feel sorry for him b/c he could find some psycho and he really needs to grow up is he 16 and looking for free porn! Doesn't he see he has you and that he can see a real women naked! That is just a ugly thing to do and i'm sorry. I would definetley let him have it!
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