Can someone tell me is it possiable to develope, find out u have pcos after having a child? I have all the symptoms of pcos but I have already had a baby, about 3 years ago... We are activly trying for a new baby and getting no where due to irregular periods. I dont have money for fertility drugs and am thinking I have pcos. My question is how do I tell my dr this is what I think I have if hes never said anything related to pcos before when I went in with the same symptoms as pcos?
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replied August 16th, 2006
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All ins comps pay for fert. Testing...Not treatments. Just tell your dr you want to start fert. Testing and the best way to find out is to have a vaginal ultrasound. Thats how they comfirmed my pcos after having 3 reg. U's and a cat scan.
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replied September 18th, 2006
Diagnosis of Pcos And Endemetreosis
Hi there I know alot about this as I myself had the op on the 27th july this year, there is now a procedure to diagnose the above,its called a laparaoscopy, the procedure lasts about 45 mins start to finish they make 2 incisions one inside ur belly button and one by ur bikini line, they then fill u up with gas to seperate the organs so its easier for them to move the cam about, they then go in and have a look they can treat cysts and adheasions caused by edmetreosis with lasers, when u wake up u will have pain in ur shoulder for a few days this is the exsess gas they didnt remove(typical) but it is basically pain free I was out the same day,good news to ur doctor can refer you to the gynea department at ur hospital free of charge especially if u are suffering with pain,
go to ur doctor hun and good luck xxxx
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replied September 18th, 2006
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Well, I had 3 children years before getting a diagnosis of pcos!! I was surprised when I got the diagnosis because we thought I had cushings. Your hormones tend to be "off" and having more testosterone. Weight gain around the middle portion of your body, abnormal hair growth, diabetes...These are some of the symptoms. Do a search on google and I am sure you will find out more about it. I take metformin for my diabetes as well as my pcos. Good luck!

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replied August 3rd, 2018
What exactly is PCOS?
Polycystic ovary syndrome which is commonly known as (PCOS) is a commonly occurring hormonal disorder that occurs in women who have reached their reproductive age.
There are some significant changes that occur in menstrual cycles of women with and without PCOS
How does PCOS effect women?
Women suffering from PCOS develop cysts in their ovaries but these cysts are not really harmful. The presence of these cysts is detected by an ultrasound examination performed by your doctor.
The major problem that most women with POCS face is Infertility. (inability to reproduce). PCOS cannot be completely cured but you can definitely reduce the intensity and impact of the symptoms on your health.
Symptoms of PCOS
Women who suffer from PCOS have a higher levels of testosterone in their bodies and this can show up in the form of various symptoms like
a) Irregular periods or heavy periods
b) Facial hair growth
c) A sudden weight gain
d) Loss of hair
e) Acne
f) Infertility
g)A sudden weight gain
Is PCOS a serious problem?
Every one in ten women suffer from PCOS today, but most of the women are not aware of this. PCOS is caused due to many factors, one of the major factors being a sedentary lifestyle.
PCOS is a serious problem until you take an initiative to step up and follow some best tips to take control over your situation. You can definitely cure the problem and reduce the impact of the symptoms by practising Yoga (for physical activity) and meditation (to control stress levels)
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