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Invite Relatives You Don't Know to Your Shower?

Hey ladies,

I have seen a few posts in here of women asking things like "should I invite my husband's cousins/aunts/grandma, even if they don't know me?" or any other legal relatives they don't know. I guess some women think its tacky.

I just wanted to throw my two cents in---i have been invited to showers like that (for my cousin chris' wife). I had never met her, but that baby was going to be my "second cousin", and I always liked cousin chris! I wasn't offended by being asked to supply a gift at all, and his wife turned out to be a real sweetie. We're actually good friends now!

I think we should deffinitely invite relatives/in-laws we don't know.

Why? Well, this is how I have always looked at it, and maybe it will help you too:

we are having the shower to celebrate the arival of the newest/latest family member! The entire family (on both sides) has the right to do that, weather they all know each other or not. If you don't know them, I say that welcoming a new addition to the family is the perfect opportunity/excuse to meet and bond! A wonderful, cheerful enviornment too!

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replied February 6th, 2007
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I think the relative has to know at least 1 person in the couple. I would be offended if I received an invitation from a couple I didn't know, but I wouldn't be if I knew at least one of them. When you invite people to a shower, you are asking them to give up several hours of their life and spend money on a gift. It's completely inappropriate to ask that of someone who doesn't even know you.
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