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Getting Hip Replacement, Need Advice Asap

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I had a slipped capital femoral epiphysis at age 15, 3 pins were put in and about a year later the were removed, I am now 26 years old, I have severe hip pain all the time, I have got use to the pain for the most part, along with the help of pain meds which I have been on for all this time.

The pain was very bothersome but I was still able to work okay and live life okay, until lately when the hip got much worse, to make a long story short on june 12th 2006, just 7 days from today, I am having my total hip replacement on my left hip, my dr said he is surprised i'm still walking, I have no cartledge in the hip.

My question is this, i'm told that I will feel much better. However I am scared out of my mind, i'm worried about how bad the pain really will be from the surgery? I'm worried about dislocating the new hip, what is the surgery really like? The orthopod said that he will make a 5 inch incesion, I want the mini incision which is like 2 inchs, but he said that would be hard for someone in my shoes, if anyone out there has had the replacement let me know how it went. Please!

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replied June 11th, 2006
It Does'nt Hurt At All
I had my total hip replacement last november, I had a birmingham type, a little pain, big deal every time I took a step before it I had pain. I did have some pain killers in the hospital and at home for a week or so they seemee to do the job ok. Up untill march if I put my leg in the wrong spot or angle I would get a shock from my nerve but that long gone, still have trouble putting my sock on but getting better each day I was worried stiff about dislocating it too
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replied June 12th, 2006
Discomfort At First But Well Worth It In the Long Run
You will be so relieved once you have the surgery done....You will be shocked! Follow your rehab and just don't over do it to soon. Remember this is a serious procedure and your muscles around the incision are going to need time to heal. Your recovery may be a bit slow, but again it will all be worth it.

I am able to snow ski, bike, hike, exercise on cardio equipment....Pretty much anthing but run/jog. If you have lived with this your whole life you won't know what to do with yourself.

Good luck!
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replied June 25th, 2006
Its Done!!
Thanks for your advice, I had the hip replacement 13 days ago, piece of cake if you ask me, pain leval is better then it was before the surgery and getting better each day. Wow what a shock on how good I feel just two weeks out.

Thanks again everyone
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