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Having a Hard Time Understanding (kind of Long)

I really am having a hard time understanding what life is like from a bipolars point of view.

Sure all the educational psycgology books will tell you their tendencies and what is involved in it. Also how your brain reacts and slows down during depression.

But, my question is.. What really is it like to go through the diff. Stages of depression?

Also if you are bipolar and you have people that are way close to you.. And you begin to go through a stage of depression.. What do those people mean to you at that point in time? And when you come out of the depression why sometimes are you no longer intrested in even making contact anymore with some of the most amazing people that you shut out?

Also what should people from my stance who are willing to be an amazing friend to someone like that do?

How do I react in a way that would not set my friend off when they are blocking me out, but still show that I care?

Loaded questions I know.. I dont expect anyone to answer all of them.. Maybe a few..

But I really am totally curious and willing to take on a risk and a lot of hard work for someone in which I care about. I know the dissorder is harsh and can pull you down.. But, you cant push someone out of your life just because they have a dissorder.. If anything they need someone to be there for them that understands them..

And thats what I want to do.. Is better understand. Especially from people who have much experience and much more knowledge on this subject.
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replied June 18th, 2006
This is my first post..

Here is a post from my journal on myspace about how it was to go with out meds for a week. (take note that I usually dont swear)

"i'm all !**@! up. I slept for 12 hours and couldnt wake up until alex came home and told me my meds were downstairs. Unfortunately not all of them..I think im going to have switch doctors, because this is getting rediculous.

When I got up I felt dizzy as !**@!, had a huge headache, and my eyes hurt in the light. It's like I had a killer hangover.

Not to mention my emotions are raging all over the place.. One minute I cant stop laughing next im crying and feel like a helpless child. I hate that alex has to see me this way and take care of me. But I know that im lucky hes mine because I dont think many others would be so understanding.

My senses are ultrasensitive..Which is why my eyes hurt. Every touch makes me jump and everything tastes weird(food). I couldnt even have alex the way I wanted, because it was too intense. Which sucks because im all amped off meds.

Being quiet and pissed is the only way I can control my emotions.

I hate this."

people that are close to you: you still love them. You want to be around them, but sometimes (depending if your manic or depressed) they bug the hell out of you or you dont want them to see you so messed up. I apologize like crazy everytime I come to my senses and realize I hurt someones feelings. Some people are to embarressed or think you wont forgive them. Maybe they secretly think that you shouldnt forgive them.

A good friend should be patient and know that most of us don't mean to hurt others and dont like to. Listen to us, try to get us to do something active to get out of our funk or do something relaxing to calm us down. I know that when i'm not feeling right, the last thing I want is to be alone. It makes me more depressed. I need someone who wont judge me and will be my rock while I try to control my swings.

Try letting them know that you need them as a friend, and being around them makes you happy. Let them know, that you know, they dont mean everything they say and you wont let it hurt you.
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