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Weight Problem And Many More

Well i've got a problem. Over the 2 years I was 350 pounds, well I started excercising and taking green tea supplement, and smoked cigarettes everyonce n a while. I lost about 150 pounds over a course year. Right now I weigh 200 pounds, sometimes 190 to 195. Now I smoke alot due to stress and anxiety, and sometimes depression. For some reason I keep losing weight and dropping pants sizes. I don't understand why. I don't like the fact that my clothes are getting too big on me. I know thats every overweight persons dream to lose pants sizes quick, but I don't like this. Also, I have excess skin on my stomach, and i'm really wanting to get it off, cause it's pretty ugly and nasty. I know I need to work out to get it off, but I don't wanna lose anymore weight. And surgery is out of the question, I don't wanna do that. So I was wondering, is this a serious kind of condition, or can you give me any kind of advice. Thanks, I appreciate it.
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replied June 27th, 2006
After my operation I got bigger nd bigger.... Its so sad
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