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Sexually Transmitted Disease?

I am a 32 yo heterosexual male
the groin area feels very moist, itchy, and it tingles.
Furhter, I have had some small unusual red areas localized on the head of my penis.
I was diagnosed with molluscum on december of last year but it all cleared last month. I have not seen any new bumps except for a tiny one which I am not sure if its even molluscum (located on on the groin area just below he belly button.
I have always used a condom in the past.
Md's and dermatologists ruled out all other std. I did a herpes blood test and it was negative for hsv2 but positive for hsv1. However the md did not see the red stripy areas on the penis since I just noticed it yesterday.
My las encounter was on november of last year with an unclean woman.

1. Am I still infectious (molluscum) to other people.
2. Do you think I coud be infected with hpv (i am not gay, nor have anal sex)
3.Why is the groin area so moist (for 1 week) and itchy (for tree weeks), and oily (for 3 weeks)
4. The type of itch i'm experiencing is like if someone is poking my penis or scrotum with a needle, but it only last for a few seconds. Any thoughts on this?
5. The type of burning i'm experiencing is not constant but sporadic. It feels just like when one applies menthol of ice hot on their skin. However I don't fo any of this. Any ideas on this?
6. Can I still have normal babies if i'm infected with molluscum and possibly hpv?
7. Could these be symptoms of a new hsv1 infection on my penis, even though I used comdom last year during my last encounter?

Please help
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