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Update - Was a Teency Embryo.

I had my luteal surge on may 11. On may 27, I noticed a spot of blood when I wiped myself once, so thought I was getting my period.

However, after that I didn't have any bleeding at all, or any bleeding the next day, which is odd for me, because if I am spotting it usually means i'm starting or ending a period. So I was wondering if maybe I was having implantation bleeding.

Then this morning, at about 3am, I got a regular period, so I figured "oh well", i'm not pregnant. Althought it was weird not to get it till over 24 hours after i'd been spotting.

However, later on I noticed something very odd on my sanitary pad. (i warned you it would be gross.) it was not a blood clot, as I am used to getting blood clots. It was a very teeny hard thing, much smaller than my finger nail, and small and curved. Now, I know that I would be less than three weeks pregnant so an embryo would be invisible at that stage, but I wonder if it could be the embryo (if you can call it that) surrounded by other stuff from my uterus?

The reason that I am wondering is that I have a problem with fibroids, not with ovulation, so I don't expect having any trouble getting my eggs fertilised, but I am expecting problems with implantation.

The reason that I look at the stuff on my pad in the first place is because of my fibroids, checking the size of the blood clots.

Do you think it was just a blood clot? If so, it was the strangest looking blood clot i've ever seen. It just seemed weird, something i've never seen before.

P.S. I wanted my husband to take a photo so he could download it on his computer (i don't have the software on my computer) but he was too grossed out; he wouldn't even look at it.

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replied May 31st, 2006
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Update - Was a Teency Embryo.
Since it seems to have been a few days more developed than it should have been, based on when the test said I ovulated, and it was hard, like a pebble, I think maybe I conceived the month before, the embryo died but didn’t get expelled with the very next period, calcified, then got expelled with the following period.

Or it could just not have been developing normally.
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