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Small Red Bumps On Back of Hand

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I occasionally get these small red bumps on the back of my hands near my thumbs. These itch quite a bit. It always happens when i'm on vacation, either fishing in canada or in oshkosh, wisconsin. I get quite a few of them on my right hand and a few on my left (i am right-handed). They kind of swell up and are a nusense. Occasionally I get a spot or two like this on my hand at other times of the year, but always get a lot of them on vacation. I have taken careful measure to make sure I am using the same soap on vacation as I use at home. At one point, a nurse told me she thought these spots looked like a staph infection, but I would find it off that it would always happen at the same times in the same places. I have tried using hydrocortisone and triple anti-biotic cream, neither of which helps a whole lot. Does anyone have any ideas...I am probably going to go to an allergy specialist, but wanted some ideas first...Thanks in advance for light anyone can shine on the matter.
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replied May 30th, 2006
Have you tried using an antihistimine? Such as zirtec, clarytn or telfast.
Definatly sounds like an allergic reaction to me.
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