Most people may not even post this...But i'm a hypochondriac (or so i've been told), so I figure I will just to get some feedback.

I have a slight feeling of tenderness under my right ribs....It's nothing major and it's never sharp...It's quite dull and won't cause anything more than slight discomfort.

Here are the symptoms: (in list format just b/c it keeps me from rambling)

-- slight feeling of tenderness when the area is touched, or when my body suddenly moves (such as hitting a bump in the car). The touch doesn't have to be much...It can be water from the shower hitting it. However, the weird part is that if I touch it and feel the tenderness a couple of times, subsequent touches won't yield any feelings. It's like it "goes away" after a touch or 2 for a while.

-- I don't feel anything if i'm sitting down or laying down. Rarely do I feel it walking....It can happen after a while of walking, but typically this is pretty small.

-- i've felt the region and looked at it and cannot see any bulge, feel any lumps or notice any discoloration. Both sides of my stomach feel the same.

So yeah...I know this is the region of the gall bladder and liver organ-wise. I'm not sure if it'd be those, or perhaps a deep bruise....Or maybe a strain of a muscle. I have no clue.

**note: I would typically just go to a doctor b/c I tend to be a hypochondriac but my benefits haven't kicked in yet at work. So i'm just trying to "feel it out".**
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First Helper NODAK

replied February 11th, 2012
ive been havin tendernes between ribs an upper mid stomache
its very uncomfortable its there no matter what im doin
maybe i should have it checked out
thanks for ur info
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