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Newbie Here And Lost In the "is It Lupus Or Fibromyalgi

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my story is kinda long so I will just get to current developments.

I was referred to a rheumatoidologist, and he told me my ana was neg. And he said that means I do not have lupus. You can have false negatives if not in a flare up, right?

So he did the pressure point test on me and told me I have fibromyalgia. He also did a test for my thyroid (no results yet). The confusing thing for me is he didn't even go over my long list of health problems that me and my husband brought to the appoinment.

Does anyone think he is going to take me serious? I most likely do have fibromyalgia but I have tons of other red flags pointing right at lupus.

Help me...Lena Confused
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replied January 11th, 2004
Active User, very eHealthy
First off, I know several people with pretty nasty lupus that have a negative ana...Fyi.

Second off, from what I am reading here, you do not have a good feeling about this doctor. Am I correct? If so, you have the right to get another doctor and/or another opinion.

I would also, personally, be very concerned if I took a doctor a list of ailments and the ailments were ignored.

It is your life and your situation, but a second opinion is never a bad idea, imo. However, do not go *expecting* a particular result...There are a lot of diseases out there that can mimic one another...

Sorry this is so short...I hope this helps,
ladybrannon Smile
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replied January 11th, 2004
My next thought is, when should I consider another opinion? Do I wait for all the test come back and give him time, or is the act of him ignoring my list be a red flag?

See my real concern lies with the fact that he seems to have already dissmissed the idea of lupus (due to one neg. Ana test).

I have once again hit the books and internet to reserch (this time for fibromyalia) and all of my many aiments just don't add up to that alone.

Uugggg!!!!! It is really frustrating and confusing. My doctor's practise has thier own rheumatiodologist but I had went to another as they were much closer to me. So, I guess I should plan to see the other for the second opinion. I just need help desiding when to do that.

Lena Shocked
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replied January 13th, 2004
Active User, very eHealthy
From your last response, I would say that you defintely want to get another opinion, no? Then I would. Ask around in your area...Word of mouth is a great way to find a doctor.

See what you can arrange. If you go to another rheumatologist, it is very likely they will re-run all the tests anyway. Remember the ana *can* vary according to disease acitivity.

Is there anything else you need to know in making your decision?

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