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being a single parent is extremly hard

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I'm making a cake right now and i'd like to share it with all of you ladies......Unfortantly between the 5 year old and 19 mth. Old I babysit for....Not to mention my husband I am sure it will be gone by tom. Night. Lol. I jus want to saying being a single parent is extremly hard as I have friends who are...Which is why I babysit....And if you don't have a great support system its worse. So i'd like you to sit down and take ten mins to eat something sweet and rich indulge yourself a little. You deserve it.
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replied November 29th, 2010
hey enjoy your are right about that.without a support system,managing everything by yourself will be hard,not to mention overwhelming at times.And since this seems to be posted under single and pregnant forums,i just wanted to let people reading this who are pregnant and single that they can use a little support if they apply for NFP.Look it up.It is a free service and could go a long way in helping first time moms.
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