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Teeth Chipping And Black Buildup

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I am a 21-year-old with extremely good dental hygiene and what I considered decent teeth. They're relatively straight, no correction was ever required, and i've had a total of three cavities. My dad has had to have several teeth extracted and has many crowns. I brush gently after every meal and before bed with a medium brush, followed by rincing with alcohol-based mouthwash, and I floss a couple times a week, and have no taste for sugar or cigarettes.

A couple months ago, I was flossing inbetween my bottom front teeth when part of the bottom tooth chipped off right at the gum line, leaving a small gap where the two teeth meet at the bottom. This confused me as I treat my teeth very well and floss gently. My front top teeth have both chipped multiple times seemingly spontaneously during eating simple foods. Last night, after eating noodles, I noticed one of my top front teeth had been seriously chipped on the side to the point where I now feel I need surgery to repair it as the tooth was chipped deeply enough to create a sensitivity.

I won't be able to see a dentist for a while. Is it possible I just have genetically horrible teeth? I care for my teeth better than anyone I know and everytime I go to the dentist the hygienest thinks i'm incompetent. They didn't start to weaken and deteriorate like this until 5 years ago.

This latest chip made me take a closer look at my teeth and behind my front teeth is a black buildup. It's less pronounced, but also along the gum line of most of my other teeth. What could this be?

Could it be my toothpaste, "rembrandt for canker sore suffers" which lacks sodium lauryl sulfate (sls)? It doesn't bubble up like normal toothpaste, but I have to use it or I at all times have horribly canker sores which plagued me my whole life until switching to this toothpaste 3 or 4 years ago.

I'm on my way to the dentist in a couple weeks but meanwhile these worries are plaguing me.
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replied August 1st, 2010
Did you ever figure out the answer to your question? I have horrible canker sores and am doing some research on SLS-free toothpaste, but I also have a lot of problems with my teeth, so I'd hate to jump out of the frying pan into the fire if SLS-free toothpaste isn't going to be good for my teeth...
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