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kyphosis (scheuermann's disease) a mild endplate irregularit

Back in april of 2003 I was diagnosed with having kyphosis (scheuermann's disease)after having a great deal of pain in my lower back.My doctor sent me off to have an x-ray done on my thoracic spine & the report reads: there is a mild endplate irregularity at multiple levels but no focal vertebral body compression.The alignment is normal.Now I have no idea what any of that means & it wasn't explained to me but I was sent to have physio done which I did do,but the pain was getting worse in my lower back & I was also getting pain down my left leg.I saw my dr again & told him of the pain/different feelings I had been getting in my left leg & in my lower back,he then sent me off to have a ct scan done & the report reads:
history: low back pain & left sciatica technique: axial scans were performed through the l3-4,l4-5 & l5-s1 disc space & sagittal reconstructions were also performed.

L3-4: no abnormality.

L4-5: there is a mild focal right paracentral disc protrusion causing a mild impression on the anterior right side of the thecal sac.There is some calcification in the posterior aspect of the disc on the left side at this level. L5-s1: there is some calcification in the posterior aspect of the disc centrally.No focal disc protrusion,thecal sac or nerve root compression is demonstrated.

Summary: there is a mild central & para-central l4-5 disc protrusion.

I have been to see an orthopedic surgeon about this & he said for me to loose weight,i weigh around 80kgs,i'm a female aged 33 of medium solid build & I work in the supermarket industry.I have been off work now for 9 months due to this & I still don't know what is going on,i get either pins & needles or a weak feeling down my left leg to my foot & occasionally I get the pins & needles in my lower back but other than that I have pain in my back at all times.My back has been feeling worse & the pain is higher up my back now but I think that is due to the fact that I try to catch my partner whom has epilepsy from hitting her head on the ground.Can you please help me try to understand this as I am on no pain medication due to other reasons the dr won't give them to me.I would appreciate your opinion & maybe then I will understand what this all means.
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