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Homeopathic Remedy For Menopause

Menopause & homoeopathy:

* what is menopause?

* symptoms of menopause:
* what can homoeopathy do?

The meteorology department is always at a wits end to defend their forecasts about the english weather because of its high unpredictability. If you are unable to gauge the mood swings of your better half never as bad before, it is very likely that she is going through menopause. Don�t worry, help is at hand, homoeopathy will have it all covered for you.

What is menopause?

The ovaries produce ovum and a hormone called oestrogen which regulates female body characteristics, menstrual cycle and pregnancy. During menopause there is reduction of this hormone and since it has action on various organs of the body a woman takes some time in adjusting to the new internal environment and so all the symptoms are secondary to the phase. The average age of occurence is 46-53 years.

Symptoms of menopause:

it is not necessary that every woman need to have any of the following. In many it tends to go through without any symptoms.

Irregular bleeding:
menses tend to get delayed and bleeding increased and prolonged.

Hot flashes:
a feeling of sudden sensation of warmth followed by perspiration sometimes disturbing sleep with palpitation and confusing with a heart-attack.

Mood swings:
moodiness, irritability, anxiety at trifles, depression are common. Also it is mostly during this age women are burdened with career developments, domestic pressures, children�s education, ageing parents and in-laws. All the above add to the confusion.

Vaginal dryness:
due to lack of oestrogen after menopause there is dryness of the vagina and thereby decreased sexual desire.

The change of life is also conducive for:

loss of calcium from the bone making it easy for degenerative diseases like arthritis etc.

Heart disease:
though there is no known reason menopausal age is more common for ailments of the heart in women.

What can homoeopathy do?

Homoeopathy has good remedies to see a woman through this phase of life cheerful and unscathed. It can correct prolonged bleeding, give relief from hot flushes and decrease the intensity and frequency of mood swings. It is also more important as homoeopathic medicines have the potency to improve the assimilation and reduce osteoporosis and lessen the probability of osteoarthritis.

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replied January 30th, 2004
I am a 54 year old lady whose menopause had started one year ago. I have undergone hrt with side effects and have been advised by my gynaecologist to discontinue it because of those.

Can homeopathy help me?

Susan mathews
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