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Between a Rock And a Hard Place?

Ok, there's only one person (family or otherwise) who agrees with me, that I may be bipolar. The problem is, when I get manic or severely depressed, said-person tells me to "knock it the f*** off" or "stop being a baby!"

this person is very close to me (or so I think, sometimes) and i've told them that saying things like that only makes the situation worse. But they still do it!

Ok, so my two questions are. How do I prove to other people that I do have this problem (and it won't be solved by listening to music or playing games, as my therapist suggests)? And what do I do to make my "friend" a little more compassionate?

Btw, this "friend" isn't someone I can dump, it's a bit more complicated than that.
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replied May 16th, 2006
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No one needs to agree with you except a doctor.

Have you pursued that option?

Perhaps with a diagnosis and meds in-hand, your friend will be more willing to read up on the disorder, feel more comfortable letting you know if they see you getting wound up, and vice versa.

And having said that, sh*tting on people while in the midst of a mania or depression is still sh*tting on people. Very few of us bend over, hand you a board, and say, "thank you sir! May I have another!"

we are people, not chess pieces and if you treat people badly and fail to own up to your part in it, do not expect someone to stick around.
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replied May 17th, 2006
I Understand
I get where you are coming from. I think it is just hard for other people that care about us to understand. Maybe they feel helpless and don't know how to express their feelings and then again they could just really suck and don't want to understand...Either way... You should only really care about taken care of yourself and if you have to remove yourself from that person then that is what you might have to do. :wink:
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