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trapped nerve in my back

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I am a care assistant who works in a care home and I have been having some problems with my back..

I first started limping with my right leg and I went to gp and he said it was my ligaments. He gave me a course of antiflamotory tablets and told me to take a couple of weeks of work..

I returned back to work after having 2 weeks off, but after 5 days back at work it started again, I got so fed up with it I went to the accident and emergency department and they diagnosed me stating that I had trapped nerve in my back.

I went back to my gp and he referred my to a nhs physiotherapist and told me to continue with my antiflamtory tablets.

Unfortunately after a month I started with back pain and I was in agony so I went back to the doctors and he gave me some pain killer ( tramdol)to help with the pain.

I got fed up waiting for the physiotherpist I decided to go private and after a month worth of treatment it started to get better and then I received a letter from the nhs physiotherapist and finished with private one because it was costing me a fortune...

My back was a lot better and my physiotherpasit said I could return to work..But unfortunately it happened again..

But it is different this time the exercise did not work it aggravated it and I have also had accupunture..

But every time I have accupunture it causes pain afterwards and it last for the rest of the day..
I get twinges in my back and also have ankle pain I have experienced stiffness in my back and also sharp pain in my back like electrical shocks...

I am hoping to go to my gp this week to tell him I have had enough and that I want to see a specialist..
I know that there are people worse than me but I have had this problem on and off since october 2005 to the present ...

Can any one tell me what they think it might be
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replied June 5th, 2006
I wanted to tell you that I played around with my back and my doctors for years, receiving injections, going to the chiopractor, living on pain medication and muscle relaxers. Not one of my doctors sent me to have an mri. I am 52 years old and started having back problems when my first child was born. Finally one doctor set me up for an mri and low and behold I had a stenosis in my neck and lumbar region in my back, paralaysis had started in my leg, with tingling and burning sensations. I have had two surgery's my leg is still numb. Don't wait insist that your doctor does an mri from your neck to your feet. Don't play around like I did.
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replied November 3rd, 2011
Back pain
Well trapped nerve is something that a Physiotherapist is good at, but a chiropractor job is to get rid of it. I have the same problem. I went to doctor and he said I have a ligament problems. But there is no ligament in the back. i went back and got refer to physio, same with you. My back got better. Now I went to A&E and they refer me back, but my Coach is a physio and he says I should get a MIR scan. My best advice is to do the same, get a MIR scan.
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