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After not having any sexual contact for a while, apart from the occasional wank, me and my new girlfriend have started messing around, nothing serious just hugging and kissing and stuff, and after doing this for an hour or so my testicles get so tender and sore. Like it hurts to walk and touch, anyone know why? I get an erection at the slightest hint of intamacy, and have problems with premature ejaculation, dunno if this is relevant. Anyone experience similar problems?
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replied May 25th, 2009
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i know that this is an old post, but seems to be a fairly common problem, so in hopes of helping someone, i'll post a latent response.

my ex-boyfriend used to complain about this all the time. he spoke to his older brother about it and his older brother called it a case of "blue balls".

basically, its where someone gets an erection, keeps it for some time and does not ejaculate.

i heard that every guy goes through this at some point. maybe some others who have had this can weigh in on it.

also, if anyone knows what the correct medical term is for "blue balls" that would probably be good to know as well.

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replied November 22nd, 2011
soar testicles
I used to have this issue. What I did was start drinking this healthy coffee with ganoderma in it. (google ganoderma lucidem) I drink two cups a day. Go to and order a box of coffee or tea. They also have pills. It was worth the 28 dollars a box to get rid of the pain.
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