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What Could This 'kidney Abnormality' Mean?

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Hi guys,

let me explain a bit. First of all, this is about my mum (who is almost 46). I'll try and explain the whole backstory and see what you guys think.

Basically, my mother had a complete blood count done back sometime in february. All the results came back fine (as far as I know, kidneys, liver etc.) but she was slightly anaemic. I think that she measured 11.1, when the normal was 11.3 (if I remember rightly).

Well, she got very worried after doing research on the internet and learning all about how anaemia can sometimes be an indicator of tumours or cancers and made herself quite stressed.

About 3 weeks later (early-march I think) she had another blood sample done and her iron level had dropped to 10.6 (her b12 and the rest of the blood stuff was fine). She told the doctor she was worried and the doctor suggested a gastroscopy/colonoscopy would look for a bleed in the intestinal system.

Well, soon after, my mother went for her gastroscopy/endoscopy. The results came back fine (slightly inflamed gullet and a small hiatus hernia, but nothing to be concerned about) but the gastro-specialist she saw suggested she have an ultrasound scan.

She had the ultrasound, and it turned out specifically that the specialist was looking at her kidneys. When she got the results back the gastro-specialist told her that her results showed a "3-4 inch kidney abnormality on her right kidney" and has now suggested a ct-scan to investigate further.

Naturally, we're all very worried now. We've read about kidney masses and how around 90% are malignant. My mother doesn't show any obvious symptoms of cancer (no inflammation of ankles or wrists, her blood pressure was fine, her urine results have shown no hematuria or trace blood). She has been eating less and lost weight, but this has only really developed in the last two months since she's worked herself up about the possibility of cancer. Of course, I can't be sure, but I put these symptoms down to stress as best as I can see. Also, she does complain of aching legs quite a lot, but not 'pain' as such, more a sort of lethargy and muscle ache. I would say these came on around the time she started worrying, maybe a little before.

Everything stemmed from early january when she had a virus/fever. Although she got well again, she says she hasn't felt like she has quite recovered. However, i'm not sure whether that's related or not, because of course she had the virus/fever, then had a routine blood test (unrelated) and then began worrying about the anaemia and possible link to cancer. So, she began to get very stressed around the time she would have been recovering from her fever. Obviously I can't say for certain, but I would say the reason she still feels a little lethargic and without energy is because she is sleeping and eating less, and worrying about her future.

Now onto what I was trying to find out specifically. I know that ultrasound scans can detect whether a kidney abnormality is a water-filled cyst or a tumour. My question is - could this abnormality still be a cyst? Or would the ultrasound report have ruled this out? I'm worried because she's been sent for a ct scan, but i'm unsure whether this rules out a cyst and instead confirms a solid mass, or whether it's still possible we could be dealing with a relatively common, simple cyst.

I guess my main worry is trying to unravel medical jargon and medical procedure. The doctor (as my mother recalls) never once said whether it was a 'cyst' or a 'mass', but if it was just a cyst would he still have recommended a ct (he is of course a gastro-specialist, so i'm assuming he wouldn't make specific comments on kidney problems). All I really want to know is whether we could still be dealing with a benign simple cyst, or whether we really should start preparing for a solid mass and possible rcc? Of course, I know the risk is still there, but i've been worrying sick that a cyst has been ruled out and all we've been left with is a solid tumour very likely to be malignant.

To my knowledge her other organs came back fine in the ultrasound (doctor examined front and back, I assume they would have at least checked gall bladder/spleen/liver etc, right?)

also, she usually has small amounts of protein in her urine samples, but a deep urine test didn't reveal anything else to our knowledge.

So yeah, if you guys could give me any opinions on this it would be great. I'm obviously very worried and me and my mother have the annoying habit of scouring the internet constantly looking for articles and information on all sorts. I've read about cysts/tumours/malignancies/fibromas and everything else in between. My main worry though is that our doctor has already ruled out cysts by recommending a ct, or whether they could just be doing the ct to better analyse the abnormality, and we could get the happy news that its just a simple cyst. My mother has complained about flank pain, but ironically only since she was told her kidney problem. In other words, i'm sure its psychological (she was initially worried about stomach cancer and had stomach aches, and ovarian cancer and had a slight 'dragging' feeling, however since she was told her stomach is fine the pain has mysteriously gone. I'm assuming psychology can perform tricks on you when you're fixated on one organ!).

Once again guys, any thoughts would be great. I just want to know whether i'm being prematurely terrified, or if perhaps we really are looking at only a solid-mass and no possibility of a cyst.

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First Helper Corda1983

replied May 31st, 2008
I have the same semtimes of your mum except I have lost 30kg. Every 2 weeks I take blood. My blood results is very low about 6 then improve gradually to 7,8,9 and stayed at 10. The doctor said to me my bodybone producing 80% of blood and lately my platelet went down to 27000 were as should be 80000 and above. Then, the doctor suspect of my amiunsystem is not functioing well so, they did TB test and they found I am infected and they isolate me until they gave the green light to end this isolation. Now, iam better.

I would advice your mum to take amunsystem test or TB.
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replied May 31st, 2008
Extremely eHealthy
Its a good idea for your mom to be getting a CT scan. This will show much more as to what this abnormality is...whether it's a cyst, mass or a possible stone.

Please keep us posted and try to remain positive.
I hope you get answers and it's all good news.

Thinking of you all..Smile


Good news glad they got to the bottom of your health problem...Smile
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replied June 8th, 2008
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Hi and Welcome
A CT scan will show more about the abnormality. It is another test to determine what the abnormality is. Good luck and I hope everything works out fine.
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replied April 14th, 2016
Hi there I have had aching leg muscles and abnormal kidney result which I find out more about tomorrow would love to hear if your mum has found out anymore I am 48 female also. I will let you know what my doctors think x
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