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Crazy Correctional Officer

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Here's my story:

i am a corrections officer and have been one for a while. About a month and a half ago an inmate in our facility hanged himself. He had been dead less than a half hour when I found him. Myself and another corrections officer cut him down and began cpr. We did cpr for about 10 minutes until the medics arrived and pronounced him dead. I felt fine for about a month but then started having symptoms.

At first I lost any and all appetite. I could sleep all night and all day and still feel tired and unmotivated. I started feeling very dizzy and weak. I would go to work and come home and sleep 12 hours and still not want to do anything. Then I made the mistake of googling my symptoms and it turns out that I am a medical nightmare. Ms and als are the biggies that scare me to death. Also, I had muscle twitches all over my body constantly during the initial episode. After about a week those symptoms began to subside the fatigue went away and I got my appetite back. However my right leg began to feel weak and the right side of my bottom felt weak and tense. My leg felt heavy and just odd in general. Even to this day it feels the same and it's been about 2 months. I feel a slight buzzing in my calf and a tingling sensation when I am at rest. I keep thinking there is something bad wrong with me as i've never had physical manifestations of anxiety before. I had blood work done and all came back normal. My job as a corrections officer is also stressful and I don't think that helps. Any thoughts, ideas, input would be very much appreciated.
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