Help me...
Female 26 5'11" 125lbs

hey for the last 3 months I have been un able to do much of anything... Have svere pain in my back(long time) which spread to my whole body
i have muscle spasms that ere quite severe...

And an array of other very bothersome and debiliating symptoms...

I'm at my witt's end... And apparently so are my doctors who seem to take my money and run and pump me full of codeine...

Any ideas what this could be?????

1.Severe whole body pain (muscular and joints) (5 years)
2.Fatigue (this is even exhausting) (5years)
3.Memory issues and brainfog (3months) and before sometimes
4.Nausea + vomiting(although there's nothing left inside....) (5years along with pain
5.Appetite loss
6.Weight loss 5lbs one week at 125lbs 5'11"
7.Muscle spasms
8. Tingling in extremeties... Esp hands
9. Sensitive to cold
10. Itchy skin
11. Sensitive to light and sounds
13. Jaw pain
14. Irregular periods...Very irregular
15. Dizziness
16. Have arthritis in back, neck, knee, hands
17. Have rheynaud;s ( hands turn blue)
1.Mri of lumdbar spine: herniated disc and facet joint changes
2.Mri cervical spine in proccess
3.Mri of brain: had one and my neurologist seems to think it's ok although it sais there looks to be 5mm ependymal cyst wtih gliosis (he thinks its a abnormal perivascular space... But did not request follow up w/contrast although the mri place suggested it
mri of cervical spine: on monday
4.Physical therapy: 2tmes/week very gentle
5.Multiple triggerpoint injections of kenalog in lumbar and cervical area(unsuccessfull........) again and again
ana 3+ positive
c3 low
c4 low
mch on low side of norm
crp on high side of normal range

loosing my mind with my doctors... Spending a fortune and they just brush me off...

Please help...
Any info can help...
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