Hey all;
this is my first time I write here, that's cuz really I need help.
Well, am 24 yrs, am just graduated, and I have had my first job as a computer technical support in a multinational company.. After one month I was promoted into a technical supervisor.
I used to have a very good relation with all there, specilally my gm.. He was very good to me, he used to treat me good, satisfy me and always do whatever I want.. He like me and I did.
One day, I was really frustrated from work, so, as I used to do, I went to him and I told him that I would like to leave job because I feel that I am changing and this job affects my personality and makes me be a worse person.
He told me that this is a normal feeling because am still a beginner, and I will get used of that, and of course I will be back again to have my same nice personality, and he also told me that if I feel that really my personality changes, I have to leave work, but he asked me not to leave work because he likes me and he believes that I will be better.
So, he was always with me whenever I need him, he was always beside me, I have had many problems with my colleuges due to the new position I was put in, and I loose my best friend.. And he was always there with me in all my problems.
Lately, he was sooooo busy, crowded, stressed and awful..So he treated me very bad! I gave him excuses, but he did not change.One day,
i had a problem, I make a meeting with him and with my direct manager, but the meeting ends terribly, he shouted at me very loudly, I couldn't help, I cried..And ran to give him my resignation.
The problem that he did not accepted it, he gave me a one week off to study my decision..And he asked me to have a meeting after my vaccation, I refused and I told him that I am not going to make meetings with him and I just want to leave.
All people at work don't want me to leave, they all loves me, and I do indeed, they all called me begging me not to leave work.
The problem that I don't want to take a decision based on my emotions.

I really donno what to do, time's running, and I need to have a clear decision.

I called yesterday, cuz my friends told me that they are too much crowded in work, so I called my general manager to let me come and help them.

He was busy, so he did not answer me, but he called me today, he thanked me and told me that they managed to do all the work...And asked me about the meeting, so I will have a meeting with him next sunday or monday.

Am so scared, I don't want to have a meeting with him, he scares me when he shouts, and I am so scared from going through this experience again.

At the same time, I feel that I don't want to leave work, because I love this place, people, and I am scared from my parents' reaction.

But internally, I want to leave, because I feel alone without my general manager's support, and I feel that I will not be able to work with him hating me like that.

This is the second time I ask my gm to leave job, he will not accept that if I told him that I backed of, he will consider me as a child!

Tell me what to do?
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replied May 11th, 2006
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Can you go back to computer technical support? Often the pressures of being in charge are too much for some people. It takes a certain kind of person to give orders to others and dealing with higher ups. :)
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