Hello all I just wanted to share and ask questions.

I am 21 and recently ttc on last month. I just began ovulating (according to ff) but I am having so many symptoms of a pregnancy (i have been prego before but miscarried) anywho from what I remember all of these are signs of pregnancy, so far I have:

eaten like there is no tomorrow ( last night I ate a whole half of a roast that was from dinner but in the weirdess way w/ bleu chees and wheat bread then after I went to bed not even 20 minutes ran to the bathroom to barf)

yesterday started feeling this pain like I was ovulating it was a pulling/cramping combination

today I have been having alot of nausea and hot/warm flashes.

Could anyone help me out here. Is it because I am ovulating and feeling these symptoms or should I go get a prego test?
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