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Not Having Regular Bowel Movements Now

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I'm 41 and would normally have a bm every day now for some reason I went a week with no movement. Had a small bm and then another week with nothing . Then repeated again this week. My doctor said could be ibs.
Feel bloated constipated all the time but only small skinny bm's.

X-ray showed nothing abnormal. Blood tests all normal.
Just prior to this I had bad stomach pains that felt like an ulcer.
I just dont feel the urge to go. Its like things just stopped working.
Anybody else have this happen? :?
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First Helper Gatortrim

replied June 16th, 2009
I had the same thing and I went to my dr's office and had a gastrointestinal endoscopy done and in 1 week the results were in and I had an active inflammation and a bacteria called Helicobacter pylori and just need to take medication for 14 days and I felt better and a lot of times this bacteria starts in you small intestants which will cause the constipation and cause ulcer. You should read more on this bacteria and see if you might have it and check with your dr. and don't ask for this test demand it cause after a certain age and not taking care of it causes cancer in your stomach and intestants I was lucky that my dr.'s good and made me take every test to find out what was wrong.
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replied September 27th, 2009
I am 28 and for a week now all of a sudden my bm's have becom really small and brown for a week now; before a few months ago I had been diagnosed with gastritis at ED and put on prilosec when my stomach had been burning real bad. I have no burning symptoms know that I can tell but really wonder why not having a solid bm for a week now all of a sudden? Any help or advice?
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replied January 18th, 2010
Difficult passing stools
I also was on Prilosec and tagament for what was tought stomach ulcers. In October of last year 2009 I develop back pain and had so gassy and pain during defecating. Then it sort of resolved. In October this year I developed what was thought stomach ulcers and was on the mention meds. Now off just under a couple of weeks and I have developed a lazy colon and its like I cannot push it out. Its hard stools. Now I have sore hemaroids from straining. I am getting locked up bad here. I think all the medicines have cause my body to slow down or something. I have not had a colon test yet, but am thinking about it. If this keeps up!
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