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Need Opinion On My Gas Problem

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Ok, here's the scoop
29 yr old male with appendix out 10 years ago. Suffers from mild anixety, had a panic attack about 2 months ago.

Last week, I started having mild gas problems, felt like a "gas pocket" was stuck in the right side of my abdomen, was always relieved by burping or passing gas. Not pain, but mild to annoying discomfort

gas is still presence but now it appears in many places: right side, left, both rib cages, breast bone. I noticed that eating spicy food (ie spicy chips) gave me a problem in the brest bone area. I havent been nausea when I eat recently- been eating; chips, ice cream, gold fish crackers, pretzels,wasa crackers (high in fiber btw), apples, vegatable soup, salad, cheese, milk, smoothies, chicken, beer.
I only felt mildly nausea once today after eating a subway sandwhich (turkey- the kind jared would eat), and a couple of cookies

my stools have been beige/light tan colored. Doesnt look oily (how can you tell?) and they have sunk to the bottem of the toilet. Have no trouble sleeping.

I'm actually worries that I might have gallbladder diease, is their any specific symptom I need to look out for?
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