I am a 16 year old female in fairly good shape. Because I live on a small farm and always have, I am more muscled than the average girl and I do a fair amount of physical activity. For about two years now, my hands have been swelling greatly after I do something as slight as jogging a a few yards. Once, while in pe, my hands swelled so badly that my teacher had my sit out for the entire class period.

I have few other diagnosed conditions. I have migraines, bad knees which I was born with, chronic shoulder and neck tension, and low blood sugar. Apart from those things, I have few problems. I have few allergies, though I cannot tolerate sugar substitutes which give me a bad headache and stomache pains and I can only have cow's milk if it is an ingredient in something.

Usually, the swelling last between half an hour to two hours. They swell to the point that I cannot bend my fingers. My blood pressure is fine.

Are there any suggestions as to what this might be? I know that it is not a pms symptom because the swelling occurs regardless.
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