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Is It Possible??

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Hey im using my friends account & I just wonted 2 ask sum questions,
can I still get preggo if:

his.. Thing didnt go all the way in (like only the tip of his thing went in )

it was no where near my fertile period. ( u know how ur fertile period is the 14-15th day well I had sex on the 19or 20th day..)

he didnt c*m in me

i moved around quite alot after having sex.

Do any of u still think theres a chance I could b preggo??

I looked on the net just now and took one of those online preggo tests and it said I had a 2-3 percent chance of getting preggo as I didnt have sex during my fertile period/

wot do u think??? Im really anxious if im preggo or not but I cant take a test 4 ages so I wanted to ask wot ppl thought.. Plz reply.

Ps I dont hav tense boobs and I havnt had morning sickness and I dont think im sensitive to smells. But I did crave ice cream at the middle of the night & my tummy kind of feels a bit weird, and its a bit harder than useal.
(i think)
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replied May 7th, 2006
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I doubt you are, but please if you're not trying to have a baby use protection!
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replied May 7th, 2006
If you can't even use the word penis you don't need to be having sex.
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replied May 7th, 2006
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Re: Is It Possible??
mylittleangel wrote:
his.. Thing

his penis??? Thing could mean a lot... If you are old enough to be having any kind of sexual relationship then please be mature enough to use the names of the organs involved.
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replied May 7th, 2006
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1) if you had sex, there's always a chance.
2) .P.E.N.I.S
3) unless your guy is an anomaly, the tip of the penis is where the sperm comes out.. And the tip was in your vagina, or at least close enough.
4) do a little research on precum.
5) your stomach would not be getting hard this soon. You're imagining things. And not all pregnancy symptoms are true for everyone.

In short, is there a chance? Sure there is.
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