I was recently diagnosed with chlamydia and treated with zithromax. 1g (4 tablets)

it's been 3 weeks, and although I seem a little better, my urethra is still swollen and I still get the need to pee after iv'e already gone. Anyone know how long it might take to heal properly?

Also, when I took the antibiotics, I was suffering from a virus and I could hardly pee at all. I was wondering if the virus might have effected the antibiotics effectivness.

Any input would be greatfully appreciated.

Kind regards.

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replied June 3rd, 2006
Ur urethra being swollen dosent sound like a complication of claymidia. And if it was a virus the antibiotics used for the claymidia would not have cleared or helped that at all. So you may still have the virus. I dont know if a virus wuld effect the antibiotic's effectiveness you should ask your doc.
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