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Problem Not Sleeping After Getting Off of Pain Medication

About 2-3 weeks ago I stopped taking my migraine medication which I had become adicted to. I was taking fiorinal codeine butalbital. I went through the usual symptoms, upset stomach, flu like symptoms and such. The problem is I haven't had a full night sleep in over a week. I keep waking up after about 4 hours sleep. I've cut down on my coffee but it hasn't had much effect. Is this normal even after 2 weeks of being clean?
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replied May 4th, 2006
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I am no Dr. You should talk to your dr and see if he can help you through a little rough time and explain to him what you are doing aand let him know that you do not want to go from one thing to another. It might be one of the type of meds where you need to taper off instead of go cold turkey, like I said, just talk to him/her (your Dr.)
the best to you!
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replied May 23rd, 2006
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I have heard of this before, the best thing is to probably go to the doctor and ask if they could give you something to help you sleep. To get your sleeping order back on track.

There is also a down fall to this to though because sleeping aids are also easy to get addictied to.

Good luck hope you can start sleeping again soon :!:
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